A Passion Transmitted from Father to Son

Alain has been passionate about American cars since he was a child and it was only natural that he transmitted the virus to his son Marvin. Indeed, Alain first got into a Ford Mustang Cabriolet when his parents acquired one in 1974 and that was enough for him to do more than a passion but a job. Marvin grew up with old American cars because his father always had fun restoring them for fun. Today it is with their families that the two boys are restoring these beautiful Americans, this time as professionals.

Quality as a Main Objective

Alain and Marvin created the company Kool And The Cars in order to live off their passion. They not only buy cars on American soil to sell them in France, but restore them entirely to get as close as possible to a vehicle as beautiful as when it left Henry Ford’s factory in 1967.

Quality comes before quantity to offer a dream to customers who want to drive in a classic vehicle.

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